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Jaye's Story

Hi my name is Janelle .....

I'm new here my son is 5yrs old and has been diagnosed with ADHD since age 3. I'm currently searching for natural was to help him manage plus am experiencing major burn out it's extremely hard to live day to day.. if anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated...


--- Janelle

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Hi Janelle! Coming from personal experience I think building the positive discipline foundation really helps. This then can translate into school settings when he starts school.

Routines and foreshadowing is a blessing for us. If you are not familiar with foreshadowing a good example would be - J loves playing hot wheels (or video game, or anything) and it's almost time for bed. Establish ahead of the time that at 7pm he will need to stop and go brush teeth, etc. At 6:50pm I will calmly remind J that he has 10 minutes left, then 5 minutes, then 3 minutes, then 1 minute (vs - "ok, J, go brush teeth now!"). Foreshadowing can be used in many different situations, the main idea is to make transitions smoother.

I have heard that neurofeedback sessions really helps, we have not tried it because we can't afford it at the moment.

My son takes a natural rest blend before bedtime to help with sleep.

Balanced and low sugar diet would really help (in general this would help everyone, including adults :) )

He has been going to a needless acupuncture and I think it's helping.

I wish you all the best and please feel free to PM me.

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Thanks so much for your reply and I will try the foreshadowing out ASAP... my son already takes a natural sleep aid and it works wonders i have also put him on a diet as well and he goes to a school that is set up for kids like him and lord knows he really happy there... it helps me to cope to know that I'm not alone and can share my experiences with someone who knows what I'm speaking of... thanks soooooo much again

-- Janelle

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I completely understand my son Michael was not diagnosed with ADHD until age 6 but yet other issues as well, that were not even prevalent for recognizing until he was almost 3 he showed no signs at all and then one day he just started digressing.

It ended up being that he has ADHD although ADD is much more prevalent he also has sensory processing disorder which is not uncommon with ADHD just makes it all the more difficult had major speech delays and social. It didn't help that he started to have these issues one by one at 2 1/2.


How do you thing was is that he had a big milestone on time and I was with him all the time I will be in even taped him A lot of the baby not very concerned that when I looked at the tapes I check to see if I missed something and you didn't and I saw that it's only half heat up a book and he wasn't as P attrition from birth he said to wait at that point I was given at my prayer for Max to start his family moved all over.

For a challenge no wishes that might've been great but for a child with a study to develop pictures for us to be completely alone in Scotland for 10 months in London for three months back to Chicago then to New Jersey and then we were walked out on when he was really making progression.

there's so much to tell you.

If you can get him in a few our preschool three hours my small class size and explain to the school exactly what's going on don't hide anything see if they get an aid if he might need one and it's important for both of you him to socialize anatomy them isolated that's why I watch things with ADHD also any early intervention from the state.

. At the same time we are moving from our current state Illinois to Scotland don't ask then we were supposed to be there for two years at least a minimum of a year and a half instead of her there 10 minutes then London for three call back to Chicago within two weeks back in Chicago for a year and then to New Jersey. Literally 1 years to the day we moved to New Jersey I had given up my 15 year career and I was not old and my life savings for my son and our family so that was supposed to be the start of my ex-husband's dad it was just beginning and the end of my life for the most part so I know exhaustion and also the pain of seeing your child

And feeling helpless for them and yourself it's challenging however it's easier if you have a support system if you keep structure do not move if you don't have to I really was naïve and no intention on moving that much my number one goal for working most of my life before that was stability and security for my family and my children I only ended up with my son because literally it was a constant work to get him where he is today as I said it was not just ADHD once it started but it could be for many

Azzy had a little bit more there with the 80s day you may see the sensory processing because children with ADHD taking so much around them like a movie real and if they don't get it out it's like shaking so tomorrow and taking the copper is going to be an explosion sensory processing is pretty common especially if he's displaying signs it through the ADHD

I really need to understand more from you and right now come in the site all the time is nearly impossible for me and I don't want to miss things

I'm not sure what state you're from where you live there's a couple things you're going to want to do is one build a real life support system in person so that means it's just moms for you Amanda Perkett for special needs or combination I have no life for 70 years and I mean none Mark and My Son work insulation work and programs work and school work in hospitals work and doctors. Union if you really strong people in your life most people can't handle this especially if they order and get chaotic know you're on your own but will find out I'm giving you worst-case near you I'm hoping it's best when he's boring if he can go to public school there should be an IEP put in place I can help you with that it's critical local support by the state again we'll see.

These are great forms and it's nice to hear

support system and we can talk about that one and I understand my what is ADHD looks like and whether you're single or working but you need to take care of yourself

I didn't and I should have it is so critical to your sanity have that coffee with a friend later on or a movie night or someone is going to stick by you through it all it took a lot of hard on my extended family and I can also my son and I mean his date that we knew no one the school with a huge support system and I would mow for school can you go in and meet with the The caseworkers and the teachers in special ed or principles see with their programs are you all now and if you have the wrong school in the wrong people it will make it so much more difficult for you and your child I was very fortunate but I was also very strong in my connections at what I son needed.

I saw someone mentioned I think scheduling discipline it is very important those two things for 80 HD you also have to be careful scheduling is important and you know dad about that also any iPads iPhones video things anything that you can get out of their hands now get out I know you need that break but kids with ADHD become of SAST with us and then you are stuck is it in public or anywhere when I can't function without it I mean they can function but they have to have it and it will be a challenge and a fat second tonight when you're out with it or without it to get them off of it tell you that in the plan bergère get your ad is my one they don't want to be there it's too much for their brain stand up at the one over play it I know it's prevalent today all of it with all kids and it may be your only break if you can be disciplined in a timer with warnings 15 minutes five minutes 10 minutes 10 1510 five off and stick to that never waiver then you have a good fighting chance there's so many things. :-) That will impact you positively or negatively both short and long term I did all I could with the different issues he had the fact that we are alone and I have doctors and different groups he had to say he ended up being a straight a student speaking combination General Ed classroom but it was Day and night for me nonstop I lost a lot of friends even family emergency I'm still on Thursday I was never nice and have a come first somebody at them first so if you're in a place with your family you have a strong support system don't ever leave it and I'm giving you really like don't don't know but it's welcome for your Sanity.

I want to start a small group on Google if you'd like to email me at Kiki82871@gmail.com we can at least start there and see what your immediate need to learn find out you know this your story and how or if I can help and take it from there if that's OK if you could just put your name and the group in the subject line encapsulate see you right away and that you tomorrow I may not be available till about two-ish but if you want to email me tomorrow I definitely will respond

I know I gave you last year you're going to get a lot of opinions from many people coming at you from all different directions and whenever I mean share with you you can research on different legal states that talk about your child's rights it happens but either way whether you reach out to me or you're on here I'm glad that you're doing something I just saw that myself to reach out and My Son is 12.



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