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Reviews on Vayvanse?

Hi, I'm looking to see what people's experience has been with vayvanse for their child's adhd inattentive type. Trying to figure out which to try for my 9 yr old daughter who has trouble focusing in class but is not the hyperactive type. Due to her not being able to focus the entire time at school she tends to have trouble with certain assignments and in reading. Looking for some advice on this medication. Thank you

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Hi my son is 14 and has been on vyvanase for 4 years. I held off on putting him on medication for the longest time but I see that it really helps him in school. I see a great difference in grades because he is off medication during the summer and the first month back ins school are difficult for him. He is taking AP classes but does struggle with reading and grammar mainly because of the comprehension part. My son doesn’t have the hyperactive tendencies either for him is more of a distraction and forgetfulness. He had mild pain in the left eye but it went away and this is a reason he is off during the summer. He forgets and gets distracted but it’s easier to keep him on track at home right now. I am worried because he wants to start a job soon and it scares me so much. Following advise from moms here I requested another ARD to address issues he was having difficulty with. He checks in with his teachers before he leaves to make sure he writes due assignments down. I purchased a Evho smart pen to help him jot down info and it also records the lectures. Good luck!


We switched my 7 year old from adderall xr to Vyvanse briefly because he was losing too much weight. It made it very aggressive and violent so I discontinued use after about 2 weeks and he's back on Adderall were just working around the eating issue


Our experience with Vyvanse is good, but it definitely requires accepting the downside. The upside is that my 15 yr-old son sees the improvement on his focus in school. HE says it makes a difference for him. On the downside, it reduces an already small appetite. It's also difficult to keep a normal sleep schedule. It's not unusual for him to "crash" after school, even after letting him sleep an hour or two, it's hard to wake him up. When that happens, he can't get to sleep at a normal time, then it's difficult to wake him in the morning.


My 7 yr old daughter has been on vyvanse for just over a week. It does decrease her appetite during the day, but it definitely rebounds in the evening and on the weekends. Sleep has always been a problem for her, so she takes a melatonin supplement at night and that works wonders for her sleep schedule. What I love about vyvanse:

— it helps with her inattentiveness and impulsiveness

— it hasn’t changed her personality or made her into a zombie. She’s a better adjusted and resilient version of her ADHD little self

— the coming down in the evenings isn’t drastic. It just seems to be slow increase in her moodiness and emotional reactions.

— she hasn’t had any real side effects so she doesn’t fight taking her meds.

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