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I am the mother of 15 year old twin girls who attend an academically challenging high school. The girls were born 7 weeks premature and my daughter who has ADHD had the most premie issues. Fast forward 15 years and she is the funniest, most creative and kind human I know. We recently stopped prescription medications because we realized the personality altering effects are not worth it for us. At their school, all the classes are either Honors or AP. She manages to make B's and A's in her classes. However, tests are our biggest obstacle. It seems no matter how hard we study and how well we know material we just can't show it in our test scores. Some teachers get it while others just don't understand. It's heartbreaking that she can't see the fruits from all her study efforts. Some days I just feel so alone in this. I have girlfriends I can share everything with but if you do not have a child with ADHD you really do not understand. It's just heartbreaking to watch.

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When my daughter was in high school I worked with her counselor to get monitored tests away from the rest of the class. She was given more time and allowed breaks. We even did this when she took the SAT. She went to a private school which really worked with her. In a public school setting you might need at least a 504 to get these accommodations. A lot of kids do not test well.

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I can relate to this soo much and it is frustrating when you put the work in and it doesnt pay off.


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