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Support group and doctor with experience on ADHD in Bay area.

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Hi my name is Fernanda, I have a 4 years old daughter and I believe she has ADHD. She hasn't been diagnosted yet, but I am pretty positive she is because I am too. I was diagnosted when I was 8. I am seeking for help and also orientation on where to look for help. We live in Bay area so I appreciate if anyone could send me tips of doctors or support group. I don't want her to take drugs to control it. I don't know how to deal with it on kids.

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We went to the Amen Clinic and did a brain scan to figure out which ADD/combinations our son has. The doctors there will work with you on alternative treatments if that's what you prefer. They are in Walnut Creek. The test procedure is 3 days long and 2 out of 3 they need to administer an IV.

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