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My 7 year old with diagnosed ADHD and sensory integration dysfunction as well as anxiety and depression has recently been intentionally more oppositional. They are seeing this at school too. She is giving wrong answers when she knows the right answers and doing the opposite of what the teacher tells her to do. I was thinking this was negative attention seeking behavior. Any other ideas as to what is going on? Any one else deal with this?

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My son acts like this, he is "oppositionally defiant" we role play with him and he sees a councelor once a week. Its super stressfull, but hang in there!

It sounds like oppositional defiant disorder. My son, now 13, has it. Its no walk in the park. His adhd medication does help some. One thing i've learned is that not getting angry in response to his opposition.really helps. But it's so hard to maintain self control when they act this way. I sometimes.go to the bathroom just to get away from him and calm down. I wish you all the luck in the world. I will say the last year has had its ups and downs but he has improved quite.a bit, he even apologizes sometimes. It helps to talk to them about their condition. They don't want.to be bad, but they are very frustrated. Talking to them about it helps them see it in themselves and realize there is a reason for their behavior. My son and I really enjoy how to adhd on YouTube. I'm sure you would like it as well. Do you have adhd?

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