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Does my 6 year old daughter have ADHD?

My daughter behaves quite normally at school and home and most of the time - she can be obnoxious like any 6 year old, but most of the time she's fine. However, ever sine she was a young girl when she cant do something quite right or she feels like she is not in control of a situation, she has unexpected and unreasonable explosions of anger and rage - a meltdown. This is always only with my wife or I and happens both at home and in public. She starts crying and yelling and often lashes out at those trying to calm her down. We've tried every tactic to help her - being understanding, firm, incentivizing, threatening, even putting her by herself, but nothing seems to work. This usually lasts for between 20-30mins and then she returns to herself, as if nothing has happened. I've seen online something called intermittent explosive disorder (IED), which seems to describe her symptoms well, but just wondered if anyone here has the same situation and what you have done about it? Thanks so much for any help/advice you can give.

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Talk to her regular doctor about the behaviors. She may need an evaluation to determine the reason for the meltdowns (for instance, does she have anxiety).


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