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Learning Disability and ADHD

I have a 16 year old male who has been diagnosed at 6 years old with adhd. He’s been on meds but still had problem with conception in his learning. The school doesn’t seem to notice and wants to blame his avoidance behaviors on ODD, not frustration from being learning disabled, or test for LD, or adhere to adhd standards in the classroom.

I don’t know what to do. Any ideas will be helpful. Thanks Everyone for being here!

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You didn't mention whether your son has a 504 accommodations plan in place or whether he's ever been tested for special ed. If not, a good place to start to talk about getting these in place (as well as the place to go in terms of making sure the 504 or IEP is meeting his needs and is being followed by all teachers) is to talk to the school counselor or school psychologist. They are your main allies in the school in situations like this.

Good luck!

Joyce Mabe, parenting coach, parentcoachjoyce.com


I agree. The most effective way to begin is to get an official diagnosis. It's not that he needs to be further labeled but a learning disorder diagnosis will help you with a 504 or IEP. If it truly is ODD, it will help to know that as well. But, if not, you'll have the backing you need to move things forward to get him help. I don't know about all school districts but mine has a psychologist and the assessment instruments to diagnose a learning disorder. You'll likely need to see a psychologist outside of the school district if there is anything else going on (sometimes it is an diagnosed mood disorder).

Best of luck!



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