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Right course of action?

So my step sons mother said she took him to a specialist (I'm still waiting for her to tell me the name of said doctor so I can figure out exactly who this person is) and from what she's telling me this doctor wants to see him once a week for a month to try and "re-route" his hyperactivity and energy into something that he can use positively aka not being disruptive and using it to help him focus. I'm not sure I agree with this or believe that she's even taken him to see someone. Let alone she's trying to tell us that her so called insurance won't cover the bulk of it and wants us to pay for it. Has anyone else had this suggested as treatment for their child with ADHD? If so, did it work or is she lying and wasting our time and expecting money from us for nothing and refusing to help my son?

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So, there's two separate questions: Can this person help, and does the mother think this person can help. She may have been deceived by a quack.

I've never heard of "rerouting hyperactivity" as an actual treatment, although it can help to teach ADHD children what ADHD is, how it affects them and how to get around it. But your stepson is only 5, right? I think that's too young for child training, at that age, parent training is much more effective.


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