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Advice please

My best friend daughter is 5 years old and she has time listening and doing as told and cant sit still and very fidgety and teacher thinks she is add or now known as inattentive adhd. You can tell and tell her something she doesnt get it. She is very whinny and clingy and wants to hug when she doesnt get her way. What is some good advice to help her

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This is a difficult one. My daughter was in kindergarten but they refused to diagnose her until she was older. They continued to tell me it was her age, when in fact I knew it was not. There are many test that the teacher, parents and administrators would need to complete before a diagnosis could be given to her pediatrician. From the sound of it though, she may have ADHD. My daughter was the same way. Good luck!!


I had suspicions with my son in kindergarten too and basically everyone told me "we'll keep an eye on it" because it could just be his age. I totally understand that with some kids that's what it is, they need a little more time to outgrow their need for movement. But with my family history I felt it could be ADHD (or a reading disability). And it's funny that everyone agreed early intervention was the best, they were all hesitant. I tried to stay on top of things, like being in touch with his teachers, always expressing my concerns (politely) at every parent/teacher conference & Dr appointment. I made sure that in kindergarten he at least got extra help with his reading. I got him to see the school counselor and then we found one outside of school. The beginning of May (the last month and a half of school 🙁) his pediatrician finally concluded it was ADHD (and some underlying anxiety). I'm still learning how to help son, but my best advice it to be the squeaky wheel, be polite, but firm. Hope that helps.


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