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My 7 year old who has ADHD is planning to enter 2nd grade. He is smart but he lacks drive to try at anything including school work. His social and emotional development is far below his aged peers. His school advised to not hold him back but my husband and I disagree because there is a major gap and it will just grow bigger amongst his peers. I'm wondering what other parents have done with theirs kids and grade level and has it been beneficial if they are older now. Thank you!

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I also have a 7 year old second grader girl. We have found that medication has been helpful. Also her having her school day factor into privileges and daily rewards ie iPad/screen time dessert. is important for her focus at school. We also do family therapy sessions and topics often include social behaviors as well as the school counselor working on social skills. Due to her self esteem being extremely low we would feel holder her back a grade would really disrupt her. Hope this is a little helpful


Medication might help with his lack of drive. Also I know from experience that having a teacher that really understands kids with ADD/ADHD is really important. Don't be afraid to ask the school if any of the teachers are familiar with ADD/ADHD kids and how different they are from the other kids when it comes to learning.


I held my daughter back in 2nd grade.I did not realize she had adhd. I don't think holding her back helped. Get him evaluated asap.Learn everything you can about the disorder and co-existing learning disorders. My daughter has dyslexia along with inattentive adhd


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