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Can a bulky uterus mean anything else?

Hi all

After a few years of investigating dyspareunia, and with other symptoms added, all signs were pointing to endometriosis. However, I recently had a diagnostic laparoscopy (at a BSGE centre) and no endo was found. Great news, but doesn't solve the problem!

I had a TV ultrasound 15 months ago as part of investigating the pain. They found a fibroid, which all doctors have said is too small to cause pain, but the letter also said 'bulky uterus.' No doctor has ever brought that up, but when I researched it myself, all I can find is adenomyosis.

So, to my question: can you have a bulky uterus without it being adenomyosis? Should I be investigating further?

I was so convinced it was endo, I just don't want to go down another path and come up with nothing. (I'm not wishing anything on myself, but 4 years with no answers is a bit frustrating!)

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Hiya, I have just stumbled across your post and I too have a bulky uterus due to two fibroids and adenomyosis! The thing is the NHS never diagnosed adenomoysis it's only when I went to a private specialist in February that I was diagnosed with this as well as the two fibroids I always knew I had! In the last year my periods started to become awful and this year I started bleeding heavily with blood clots every day until I ended up in A&E with too much loss of blood! Over the last year I had a hysterectomy and the procedure that checks your cervix for any abnormalities, and they couldn't find anything! The bleeding started to become unbearable and intercourse was very painful! To cut a long story short I was fed up with the back and forth with the doctors, went privately and got a proper diagnosis! My uterus is also retroverted so that doesn't help either! I was given the option of a hysterectomy or the mirena coil - and I went with the mirena coil which I had fitted on 17 march. It's been two weeks already and i think to myself that I should of had this fitted sooner! It's solved a lot of my problems and I'm not bleeding hardly at all!


Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Riss. My GP isn't too happy with the unanswered questions from specialists, so we're going to do another ultrasound and compare things. We'll go from there. I remember a gynae saying once that my cervix was retroverted (well, her words, 'it slants the wrong way') so this could also be related. My hope is when I go off for another ultrasound I can take the results to a specialist who looks at adeno, which will likely have to be private. Thanks for this - and your advice on the coil!


No worries!