AML returns


My partner had AML over a year ago.

She did not need a SCT due to a rare chromosome Inversion T 16.

Sadly it has returned and the only treatment is now an SCT.

We are devestaed and scared facing the journey ahead. We asked the consultant why he could not answer we also asked if the rare t16 is any help going forward and he always v vague although I have read research that seems to indicate it can still help. Does anyone have any experience of this type?

Thank you

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  • You and your partner must be devastated to have such a short remission.

    I don't know anything about the rare T16 chromosome inversion, but being rare, it is probable that there is much known about it, hence the consultant's vagueness.

    Stem cell transplants (SCTs) have been done for decades and the risks are well understood, but do increase with age. If a SCT is needed, educate yourselves well, in particular regarding how compromised your partner's immune system will be during and after the procedure.


  • Thank you Neil

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