Just a curious question on whether or not if I might have cancer?

Hi there as some of you may notice I'm new here well it's to let me ask a few questions about Acute myeloid leukemia. I know cancer is rough and I've already had members of my family pass away from certain types of cancer but recently I haven't been well, I have aching arms and legs and I become very tired easily. Not only do I get all of that I suffer from epilepsy and ever since my diagnosis I would have numerous seizures (some to cause me injuries) but while everyone is focusing on my epilepsy I just seem to have a pain in my chest, a pain in my left arm and lower stomach, loss of appetite and constipation, headaches sometimes even blurred vision I don't know what to do and I have already spoken to a doctor, nurse and parent (please note I'm a teenager) I'm just concerned.

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  • There are many different cancers each with a range of symptoms, so you have already taken the appropriate steps of seeking medical advice. I'm not medically trained, but if you ask your doctor about your symptoms, I'm sure that you'll hear that there are many more likely causes of your symptoms than cancer. Whatever you do, don't make the mistake of searching the Internet for cancers that match your symptoms. You may well find some, but the results generally won't tell you what very small percentage of patients with your symptoms actually have cancer causing one of more of these symptoms. For the vast majority it will be some other mundane cause.


  • Thanks for the help Neil, I have already spoke to someone at school about my symptoms and they are a bit concerned so they wrote all of my symptoms down and are going to contact my doctor.