Gardening is good for you - just be sure to take care to avoid infections and use chemicals wisely

Gardening is good for you - just be sure to take care to avoid infections and use chemicals wisely

Many people find that gardening brings particular pleasure, and here are two articles from The Conversation on the science behind this and gardening chemical safety.

Chris Williams, Lecturer in urban horticulture, University of Melbourne on why gardening or “Therapeutic horticulture” and “horticultural therapy” have become recognised treatments for stress and depression in 'The science is in: gardening is good for you' :

Ian Musgrave, Senior lecturer in Pharmacology, University of Adelaide discusses the science related to garden chemical safety:

With leukaemia, particularly when under treatment, our immune systems can be weakened, making us more susceptible to infection, particularly if we become neutropenic. So do wear a mask and gloves when appropriate, particularly when in contact with organic fertilisers and potting mixes.


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  • Neil welcome and thank you for this fascinating and helpful post, i must admit when things are not good and start to get on top of me, a visit to the garden and a meddle with the tomatoes always leaves me feeling better. The garden creatures and birds also. at this moment the ivy is in flower and the red admiral butterflies are out and catching the last of the years sun. a special treat.

    Love the picture of the honey bee, we seem to see so few of them these days

  • Hi, Neil,

    On the subject of gardening, you and others may enjoy this video I shot and edited about Japanese Bonsai gardening, which just aired on "CBS Sunday Morning" in the States. There's no connection with CLL....except for the fact that I have CLL and had it while working on the story!

  • Sadly, the video won't play for me. It doesn't appear to be geoblocked; perhaps the server is overloaded due to its popularity :)

  • Odd. I can play it in China!

  • Even more odd, I can see the video thumbnails along the bottom of the video, but it still refuses to play, yet I could watch your Fukushima segments!

  • Perhaps Aussie gov't anti-gardening censorship is flaring up again.

  • Give it a shot from the official CBS News site:

  • That worked fine, thanks! Don't suppose you got any $100,000 samples!!

  • The link works for me. Very interesting - thanks...


  • Sorry I hadn't realised this is the Acute Leukaemia Support! I thought I was replying to something in the Chronic Leukaemia group!

  • A fantastic video on Bonsai! Thanks

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