Eggs good or bad?

I have been on warfarin for about a year and am receiving conflicting reports about the vitamin K content of eggs. In searching a US database from a national body say that eggs, be they fried, hard boiled, scrambled or poached have a low vitamin K content.

Whereas at the UK clinic where I attended for my initial briefing, issued me booklet which states that I should eat eggs in low quantities

Which is correct

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  • Hi Gizmomaven. The simple fact is that eggs do not have significant vitamen K and will not affect your INR or Warfarin level. Eggs have however been associated with heart desease and many cardiologists recommend only moderate intake of eggs as a matter of healthy eating. You will find out more about eggs and foods which affect warfarin at the following website.

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    I have checked this site. I believe there is some conflicting information,such as fruits.It mentions Avocado, Blueberries, Grapes,Kiwis, Cherries to avoid as they may have more than 30% vitamin K. But information i have, is that they are low in Vitamin K, Hence ok in moderation, But , yes, the site has good information, & well worth a look.

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    Thanks for the link and will check it out

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    Just to reiterate what already has been said. Yes eggs have a low vitamin K content. Like many foods, one day you hear certain ones are bad for you , the next they are good.Common sense is the main key, not to binge on any one food or drink. Having a well balanced diet is the key. Excellent information can be found, with a complete list of foods as to there vitamin k contents, { high medium or low } at ACE for short. They issue a INREVIEW, magazine quarterly for £10.00 per year, well worth it. Its issued with information for users of Warfarin, & other anticoagulant & antiplatelet therapy. I can highly recommend it.

    Hope you find this useful.

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    Thanks for your comments and I already subscribe to INREVIEW which is an excellent publication.

    I have continued to do more research on the internet and many US medical schools say that although there is cholesterol in egg yokes, they say is not all bad and we should avoid too much saturated fats which are far more dangerous. Eggs they say is small fry (sorry for the pun) in the scheme of things

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