tinzaparin and pregnancy

Hello everyone,

Just a quick question I was wondering if I am supposed to have blood tests when taking tinzaparin during pregnancy. I am usually on warfarin but cant take that when pregnant. In my last pregnancy I was taking tinzaparin for the whole pregnancy daily and for three months after I never had one single blood count done. Is this normal procedure as I want to make sure they get everything right this time. Thanks in advance.

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  • I would ask your doctor they told me that when I become pregnant they will give me the lovenox on my stomach everyday to keep clots from forming, so I'm assuming that's what they would do with you also.

  • They will probably want to monitor you more because your estrogen count does go up when you are pregnant which does cause clotting, I'm assuming they will want to see you ATLEAST once a week

  • nobody has mentioned lovenox what is that? I last seen my gp 2 weeks ago and im not booked in to see the heamatologist for another 4 weeks. Ive just been given the injections and sent on my way with no mention of blood counts or anything like that.

  • Lovenox is the American name for Clexane (enoxaparin)

  • The injections is the lovenox

  • I am taking tinzaparin (heparin) im just worried that yet again they dont seem to want me to have regular check ups or blood counts.

  • So if your on the shots there is probably no need to get your blood count because the injections will not let any blood clots grow

  • ah right I see I just thought they would want me to have regular checks to make sure it was all doing what it should do.

  • heparin injections don't need coagulation monitoring as warfarin does. You are tested on warfarin because its effectiveness can go up and down therefore taking you out of the warfarin "safety zone"

    However, you should have a blood test every now and then when on heparin as it can, in rare cases, sometimes cause a condition called HIT which is like an allergic reaction to the heparin and reduces platelet count.

  • Hmm, I'm assuming we have a different problem then. But I do know if you insist on them seeing you once a week and yell at them they will see you once a week. They only wanted to see me once a month but we insisted to see them once a week. Especially if you're expecting, you can't be worrying!

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