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dvt in pregnancy

hello everyone

Im 29 and have just found out im pregnant, I was diagnosed with dvt when I was 21 and was told I would be on the medication life long. I have already had one pregnancy since I was diagnosed with dvt and thankfully everything whent fine I was taking tinzaprin injections and had a healthy baby boy. My question is am I pushing my luck having another baby and what are the actual complications of a pregnancy for some one with dvt?

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Hi Laura

No I don't think you are pushing your luck as long as your pregnancy is properly managed.

If you have not done so already you need to speak to your haematologist ASAP and get a care plan in place. Do keep in touch with how it is going.


hi laura. i had a blood clot behind my placenta on my first pregnancy. unfortunately my daughter only lived for 5 hours but i did not know i was factor v leiden and 6 weeks later had a blood clot in my leg, pelvis and lung. i was then diagnosed and put on medication for life. since then i have gone on to have another 3 children, all healthy, they were all premature due to placenta abruptions but thank fully all lived and each time they told me im risking having another child after every pregnancy. i too was on clexane injections twice a day while pregnant, but as i said they were all healthy and i have 3 beautiful children 11, 4 and 1. just speak to your consultant regarding your worries and have monthly scan and growth scans. :)


Hi I have Hughes syndrome and have had problems with every pregnancy, I know their are contraindications with warfarin and pregnancy.

At the last Hughes foundation lecture, it was mentioned that Asprin and ? Heparin or Clexane ? Other injection type anti coagulation was the treatment used now with good results. You need to talk with your consultant about this

You will see from the Hughes syndrome on healthunlocked about this or Hughes syndrome foundation web, please don't change anything without checking with your consultant first.

Good luck xx


Hello laura1983, congratulations on your pregnancy! i have been on Warfarin since 2002 with a stop gap injecting Clexane when I became pregnant in 2008.... Don't worry that you are pushing your luck... I have a friend who has been trying for 3 years to have a child with IVF and I can tell you right now that they would give their right arm to be pregnant... Don't worry too much - because you need to speak to your consultant/doctor/haematologist as soon as possible and also importantly and get your medical / care plan up and running - do not delay in doing this.... Enjoy your pregnancy and good luck with everything :)


Thank you for all your answers, I have been to see my gp and because I knew what to ask for it all went great they have booked me in to see a gynocologist , haematologist and a consultant im just waiting for the appointments ive also seen the midwife and she has booked me in for a scan and blood tests and I am now on tinzaparin. Its amazing how much quicker things happen when you know what to ask your GP for its going a lot better than my last pregnancy when nobody including me knew what the proper procedure was so thanks again for all the answers they really helped.


Really pleased for you Laura, that seems like really good service but with all the problems you have had you deserve it

Take care



I've had two babies and I've got factor 5 leiden. I was on heparin and warfrin with both of the pregnancies.

my doctor wouldn't recommended any more pregnancies! I took his advice on this.


Soon as you think you maybe pregnant you must seek medical advice as you need to be on anticoagulants immediately.


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