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Hip pain

Hi everyone, This may sound silly but please read on over the last couple of days I seem to be getting a whoshing feeling in my left left (its as though the blood is trying to get up my leg but is having to force its way through). Then a short while after I seem to get pains in my hip and back. I would be grateful if anybody has ever felt this strange feeling and what could it be Thanks Julia xxxx

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Hi darceynjo,

No it's not silly and I have suffered the same symptoms a few times myself and know how frightening this feels. If the symptoms persist, I would suggest you go and see you doctor and discuss your concerns with him. Please let us know how you get on.


HI, That was an interesting question. I have for a long time now found that the left leg, has moments when I feel as though the blood is swirling around my left calf, and it is quite painful. I can't comment on the hip pain or back pain as I need new hips and have been told they won't operate on me just in case I have more TIA's, and they won't take responsibility. I would be interested to hear if you go to your G.P. and see what he has to say about it. I think lots of people have spurious things that happen to them and are either afraid to investigate further, or think it will go away on its own accord. Hope you find out one way or another, as perhaps others would appreciate an insight to what is going on. Many thanks. Lf981400q


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