Affects of a Doppler test

Hi all,

Earlier this week I had my first Doppler test five weeks after finding my DVT, which I believe was a week early. Overall, My readings were quite good and allowed them to order my compression stockings. However, one pulse on the ankle of the affected leg was quite low.

Since having the test the discomfort in my leg has increased. I have however been more mobile than previous.

Should I be worried or is this quite normal?

I know the obvious answer would be to see a GP or similar but this creates an added dilemma. My DVT is thought to have initially been caused by a fracture to the ankle so I have seen various departments. The fracture clinic won't send me for physio as they are worried that could dislodge the clot, the DVT clinic won't comment on the ankle, my GP says I should rely on the specialists?

Any thoughts?

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  • Are you on warfarin, heparin, gosh talk about passing the buck, your Gp should be able to advise you or point you in the right direction.

    Sit back in the chair while at the Doctors until he or she has advised you .

    Make your appointment, sometimes we really have to fight our own corner

    Good luck

  • Hi Oggie,

    It is not that we don't want to advise you but we are not medical qualified and can only give our experience and say "you must consult your GP/Anticoagulation provider". Like daisyd said, talk about passing the buck and yes, you need to discuss this with your GP or ask to be referred to a specialist at the hospital.

  • Just an update.......seen my GP today who spoke to an Heamotholgist (however that may be spelt) lol and it has been confirmed I will be able to have physio.

    Thanks everyone

  • Glad you got it sorted

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