Hughes syndrome anyone ?

Hughes syndrome, Antiphospholipid syndrome, sticky blood all the same condition but caused me to have DVT during pregnancy, low birth weight baby cause by clotting in the placenta. Heart attack following long hall flight, blood clot again

I am now on Warfarin range 3 to 3.5

I had terrible brain fog before I was put on Warfarin, their is a Hughes syndrome site on here which may be interesting to a few people on here


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  • Sorry to hear that you have Hughes Syndrome, I wasn't diagnosed until I reached 60 after suffering a big Stroke, where I was paralysed from the neck downwards. It now shows that due to miscarriages back in the 1970's and a Blood Clot on my right lung after having my gallbladder removed in the 1990's that it was found. I know a few folks who have this disease, but it is better diaagnosed earlier than later, and long before the blood clots and puts one in jeapordy of having a stroke. I do hope that all goes well for you Karen.

  • Than you, thank goodness I have been diagnosed now. Not many people are pleased to have had a heart attack, but it saved my life, now on Warfarin hopefully I won't have any other blood clotting events. Things have really improved but still people need to be aware of it. Thanks for answering, hope you are ok, I dread having a stroke


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