Was on Amiodarone 200 mg.a day, but specalist diagnosed "Amiodarone Induced Myopathy" muscle loss and weakness,I have long standing A Fib

I am male, 69, & am now trying Multaq, knowing it is not the equal of Ami., but hoping the Myopathy may not deteriorate further now I am off the Amiodarone. I am on the new anticoag Eliquis (Apixaban, a BMY product) instead of Plavix, in case of AF breakthrough.Does anyone know of any effective but less toxic drug than Ami in the pipeline? I have had 4 unsuccessful operations to burn off the "rogue" electrical impulses which cause the AF.I am generally fit and active but couldn't face into a life of even intermittent untreated/uncontrolled AF. I was on 900 mg. Propafenone for many years, which worked very well until the specialist told me I had to stop using that as it was incompatible with a 40% blockage in one artery.I suggested an angioplast and /or a stent so I could revert to the Propafenone but he wouldn't agree.I am really between a rock and a hard place and it is very depressing although I am not ordinarily a depressive person.I am in remission from stage 3 advanced prostate cancer for the last 3 years having had treatment (Radiation and androgen deprivation therapy) and the treatment is seemingly the cause of osteoporosis which has recently been diagnosed via a Dexa scan, even though I have been taking Calcichew D3 Forte for the last several years to try to prevent the damage from the cancer treatment, obviously unsuccessfully! Any help or good advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  • I am with a Pharmaceutical team who are specialising on anticoagulation at Manchester University on Tuesday. I will put your question to them and let you know what they say if it helps.

  • Thanks very much PBirt. What I find is that specialists treat their particular area but generally are not too interested in the overall picture so any answers to my complex situation would be very much appreciated.

  • Hi PBirt

    I hope you don't mind but if you got a chance could you ask them a couple of questions on Rivaroxaban.

    1. Taking a 20mg Rivaroxaban what would the therapeutic in time range be, based on the Gold Standard of 60% for warfarin?

    2. We know you don't need to test your INR on Rivaroxaban but a PT can be done. Based on Q1, how will we know that Rivaroxaban is working as effectively as warfarin at a TTR 90%.

    As you know from my blogs, I am waiting for an appointment with my haematologist and need to discuss all the options and may decide to stay on the rat poison, as I achieve a good TTR of 90% protection. Can Rivaroxaban offer the same protection?

    Thank's PBrit for all your support on Healthunlocked and always enjoy reading and learning from your blogs.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

  • You're too kind; we are al in this together. Yes I will send it in adbance and hope to come back with a considered response. Will let you know.