WARNING Warfarin and Lansoprazole

Please be advised that taking warfarin and Lansoprazole together may increase your INR.

My INR was 3 but after taking Lansoprazole for 4 days it has shot up to 4.2. My Theraputic range is INR 2.5 to 3.5 but luckily, I self-test and self dose weekly and can adjust my warfarin accordingly and will test again in 3 days to ensure I'm Theraputic.

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  • another blessing of taking pradaxa

  • Yes, totally agree and am awaiting a hospital appointment to see if I suitable for any of the new drugs. So interested in any side-effects any users like yourself may have .

  • wish u well used and approved by top hospital in dublin the beaumont and top in northern ireland belfast royal

  • i should tell you only 110mg twice daily has been approved for me not the 150mg twice daily i believe the xalreto wrong spelling but you take once aday even better but know nothing about side effects etc

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