Urgent improvements needed for patients with atrial fibrillation

Experts call for better management of this life-threatening condition

A new report written by UK experts, and launched by AntiCoagulation Europe, shows that atrial fibrillation (AF), a condition that affects up to 1 million people in the UKi, is not being optimally managed. The report warns that UK GPs are often prescribing aspirin for stroke prevention in patients with AF, including those eligible for anticoagulation, despite clinical evidence demonstrating that stroke protection provided by anticoagulant therapies is far superior.

Dr Alan Begg, GP with special interest in cardiology, Montrose comments “It has long been recognised by UK experts from trial evidence that aspirin is less effective at preventing stroke in patients with AF. It is extremely concerning that HCPs often seem to be choosing the ‘easy option’ rather than better stroke protection. Even experienced doctors falsely believe they are fully protecting people by recommending aspirin, but in AF it does not offer the best protection against strokes. It is essential that all at risk patients are protected against life-threatening strokes through the appropriate prescribing of anticoagulation therapy.”

The Stroke in Atrial Fibrillation Expert Report (sAFe report), addresses this and other current issues in AF management whilst warning that UK prevalence of this life threatening condition is expected to double within the next 50 years.

It was developed and authored by an independent panel of UK experts, comprising of leading cardiologists, GPs, patient associations and Glyn Davies, MP and chair of the AF all party parliamentary group (AFAPPG).

Read the report on: anticoagulationeurope.org/p...

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  • In my humble opinion, a doctor recommending aspirin alone is not doing a good lob for the AF patient. IMO , as a really long term AF sufferer, more thought should be given to treating the AF and the danger of strokes.