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lidocaine patches


Pre being diagnosed with AF, I used to take Bruffen type medication for joint pain and inflammation. Naturally, once I was on Apixaban, I couldn't take it anymore.

The pain was vicious and not even high strength co-codamol would take the edge of it. I tried so many things to improve the pain with no success. Then my GP prescribed pain patches.

I have always been sceptical of these and also pain relieving creams. However, within a few days of applying them, there was a noticeable difference. Now after over a month much better results than the Bruffen and the good bit is that you can cut the patches to fit the area of pain.

So for me the Lidocaine patches were the best year of present !

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That is fabulous news that you have found something to help your pain. I too, very much miss the anti inflammatory effects of ibuprofen! I’m sure you know this already but worth mentioning for others - it is really important to have regular blood tests (either 6 monthly or annually depending on the results) when you are taking the newer anticoagulants because they can deplete certain vitamins and cause anaemia in some people. This is even more important if you are using an anaesthetic like lidocaine to numb pain as this can effect the red blood cells so needs to be monitored. 🙂

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The frustrating thing is that they could have benefitted me years ago, rather than having to get to a difficult point post AF. Just some laziness in the GP service - joint pain give out Bruffen and cocodamol and send people on their way.

My wife had suffered for years with a "frozen shoulder" and tried a few on her shoulder and she benefited greatly before getting her own prescription. When I mentioned them to my Orthopaedic surgeon and two physiotherapists, they also remarked that they can work quite well but wouldn't elude to why they hadn't suggested them previously .......

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