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Does anyone know how to purchase an INRstar home testing kit? My GP is getting twitchy about my visiting the surgery during the outbreak.


Does anyone know how to purchase an INRstar home testing kit? My GP is getting twitchy about my visiting the surgery during the outbreak.

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Never heard of it. The only one I know if is the one I have, Coaguchek XS by Roche. If only out of interest you may wish to check out the Roche website.

it is a testing system widely used in the West of England

I'm not in West of England but in the far south west (Penzance) so I've never heard of it. Assuming I am talking from the same hymn sheet this link seems appropriate.

The follow extract also seems appropriate.

" To self-test, patients use a CoaguCheck XS meter fitted with a wireless LumiraDx Adapter Cap, which automatically sends their INR results to your clinic via the engage app. You can review these results in INRstar and send the dosing schedule directly back to the patient. "

Still cannot help you - if your GP is that seriously bothered why can't he/she answer your question.

Whatever, the device used in this process is exactly the same device as I use. The only difference is that wherever I am in the world ( subject to time differences), I just phone/email the INR reading through and they get back to me within 4 hours with a new dose and a new test date.


that is so useful. thanks

Inr star is a dosing program to determine your warfarin dose required to keep to your target inr

Ps been on warfarin 46 years and do not know any one who uses it in congountion with coaguchek machine

I have a coaguchex Xs machine I find it really invaluable, unfortunately it’s not on the nhs in the U.K. cost over £300

sounds like the doctor would supply the test strips otherwise they cost £75

I email the results to

The anticoagulant clinic they then send me the dose needed of Warfarin

If you need one look up the email on the internet lovely helpful people

Roche don’t do Coaguchek XS anymore, they have a new one called INRange. Still costs £300 or there are financing deals available through Roche. But if your doctor requires you to have it then ask him if the NHS will pay.

I purchased the Coagucheck machine last year for my own peace of mind. The Doctors practice would not accept my test results even though I checked it on the day they tested me and proved it was giving the same results. I keep at them about it and I was asked to work away from home for a long period so made an appointment with my Doctor. It was like night and day. He was fully supportive of it and I call in my results and the receptionist calls me later confirming my dosage moving forward and next testing date. They will not however pay for the strips but I can live with that. I like having the machine as I can test when I like to make sure I am in range

Not surprised the GP is getting twitchy! Advice is to use telephone for any contact. I expect my GP to phone tomorrow, arranged this morning, unless she has an Infection due to someone visiting the surgery. We do need to keep the Medics away from infection if we can and that's what we need to do.

Could you swap



Unfortunately not. Professor Channon, threading academic and my cardiology consultant, says that my valve would not be protected by the new lines of anti coal drugs. Hey ho!!

I’ve thought about getting a machine but I would really expect the doctor to supply the strips! My biggest worry would be you’d still need to contact someone to advise what warfarin to take! Hope you get sorted.

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