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Nobody seems to mention pradaxa why would this be is it not efficient or causes problems I have been on this because of a f for a long time few bouts of indigestion but no other problems believe also there is an antidote

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Perhaps because not prescribed often less popular. Large tablets, twice a day regime and mainly renally excreted so not good for those with any renal impairment.

Hi. I take it. I found it caused far fewer side effects than all the alternatives (and I worked my way through them all!). It does cause gastric problems in a number of people because the capsules are very acid. The capsules dissolve very quickly so I take mine with loads of water to make sure it actually gets into the stomach before the acid burst! And I find it helps taking it with food. NICE recommendations are regular blood checks to check renal and liver function. I think it might be more expensive because of the moisture resistant packaging.

I had a DVT IN 2016 & took this without any issues & after 6 months came off anticoagulants altogether. Roll on to December 2019 I suffered a pulmonary embolism & I was persuaded to take Rivaroxaban ( Xarelto).This was only one small tablet so I agreed. Shortly after I suffered horrendous side effects and ended up back in A&E. I am currently having daily Tinzaparin injections but as I expect to now be on anticoagulants for the rest of my life & don't fancy feeling like a human dartboard I will be asking to be prescribed Pradaxa when I see my consultant in early February.

I've had three previous DVTs I have factor 5 Leiden blood clotting abnormality.

After my third DVT I'm now on rivoxaban for life I've been on it 4 years now I've had no problems at all.

I'm going on a long haul flight in September I will always be wary of a DVT even on blood thinners.

As it's still possible to get another clot whilst on blood thinners.

I always wear flight socks and drink plenty of water.

We've booked premium seats so I can get up and move about x

I went to Oz after my DVT. In 2015 & wore flight socks , exercised as much as possible & drank lots of water & was fine so hopefully you will be too. The Rivaroxaban wasn't for me caused indigestion , insomnia , horrendous pins & needles ( felt like hat pins being stuck into me ) but worst of all I felt dizzy & came close to passing out. A definite no from me but pleased that it works for you. Enjoy your holiday !

Thanks for your reply.

I've been on 3 hr flights but not long haul it was 2014 when I had the last DVT so fingers crossed everything will be ok.



I've been on Pradaxa for some time without problems. I can't take Rivaroxaban because I've had pulmonary toxicity and, I can't take Apixaban because I don't appear to tolerate it. I always take mine with food. I have regular creatine level checks.

The reversing agent for Pradaxa is Praxbind. I have to declare an interest. I did a short video about my stroke before I took Pradaxa; that video was circulated to clinicians in the UK and USA.

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