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Hi anyone else become iron anaemic due to blood thinners? I now have to have iron transfusions every 6 months because I am on blood thinners for life and the only the blood thinners can be the cause

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Has doctor considered changing what blood thinner you take? Can't it be resolved through diet (more spinach!) or a daily supplement? Sorry, I've not come across this symptom before - hope someone else can help more :)

Hi they have tried me on different blood thinners... it's a side effect of them.. diet does not make a difference unfortunately.. iron tablets don't even improve it... nightmare

Wow how nasty - sure it's not "normal" so why do they think it's happening? I guess that's a silly question judging by my experience of some doctors - very difficult for them to say "don't know" ...

I must add that my current doctor is great - just agreed I can try taking an antiinflammatory (celebrex) for my arthritis alongside my sintrom (same as warfarin)

I hope you find some answers as to why it's happening - and ¡Feliz año nuevo! from Spain x

Don’t supplement with spinach it’s loaded with vitamin k and will work against your thinners it will clot your blood so avoid

Know what you mean but I have blueberries (vit K rich) nearly every day and have done for 18 months. ... on sintrom (like warfarin) they can adjust the dosage so long as you do something reasonably consistently! :)

Not likely to be the blood thinners.

Hi I have low iron stores and take ferrous gluconate and folic acid prescribed by doctor

I suspect you have had your blood tested for folic acid levels, but worth checking if you haven’t

Hi. I too have tried all the blood thinners and they all made me anaemic. In my case it was folic acid deficiency. I now take Dabigatran which seems to be a bit better for me and I have 6 monthly blood tests to make sure my levels are ok. If they have fallen too low I have a course of prescription folic acid. The tablets are also causing a Vitamin D deficiency and I have that on prescription too.

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Living on the Costa del Sol vit D deficiency is one thing I def haven't got! :)

I also am now waiting for iron infusions and have to take liquid folic acid every day. My doctor has never said it's related to my warfarin but as a coeliac, Isuffer form low iron stores, anaemia.

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