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Changing from rivaroxiban to apixiaban


Has any one changed to apixiaban from rivaroxiban? Been on rivaroxiban for over a year now and had some really bad side effects and changed to apixiaban today and just a bit worried about side effects.

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I also had very very bad side effects on rivaroxaban, been on apixaban 6 months with no problems at all......

Naniajes in reply to gixxerboy

Hopefully will be the same for me

Hidden in reply to gixxerboy

That's it rivaroxaban isn't everyone's cup of tea is it?

I was on riva first, then apixaban. I have had a ton of chronic pain issues develop since starting on Rivaroxaban, and noticed no improvement since switching to Apixaban 2 years ago. Also am not totally sure these issues are directly due to the medication or just coincidentally started since being on them.

I changed from warfarin, but have had no adverse effects from apixiban.

What kind of side effects of you don't mind me asking?

I changed to apixaban from rivaroxaban 6 weeks ago, after being on rivaroxaban for 6 months. I changed due feeling fatigued and lightheaded (which lately were becoming worse) and muscle fatigue and aches.

The first two weeks on apixaban were also difficult especially with nausea, muscle weakness, constant waking up at night and some breathlessness but now these side effects have almost gone away.

I find apixaban also much more convenient to take as it doesnt require food. Also since being on it I have no minor bleeding from gums which also shows that is safer. So overall quite happy.

Jayge in reply to Ckx83

What milligrams are you on? I understand that if you have a bleeding from some cut, etc, you have to get the reversal emergency medicine. We were told by the hospital surgeon said her hospital does not have it. What is a person who has a bleeding accident to do?

Hi, I've never been on rivaroxaban, but have been on apixaban for the last 4 months and as far as I know, have had no side effects whatsoever.

Jayge in reply to BargainRzl

Were you told what to do it you have a severe bleeding from cuts, etc.

BargainRzl in reply to Jayge

No - I was just told to expect bleeding to take about twice as long to stop as it used to, and that if I have a knock on the head I have to go to A&E.

Emarho in reply to Jayge

I find that bleeding duration is no different now than it was before I started taking Apixaban. Pressing on cut with a clean dressing or even clean kitchen paper works well.

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