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Hi where did everyone get their anti coagulants card from?

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I got mine when I was first diagnosed with a blood clot in december 2017.

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Did your Gp issue it to you. I was referred to tge thrombosis clinic where the consultant just told me how to look after myself with DVT. No onward appointment or return appointment just an iron transfusion as I have high risk factors with DVT in my femoral artery in my thigh . Is there anything else I should bedoing. Been on heavy periods for two weeks now was given utovlan and mefenamic acid by A and E doctor. Not working. What should I do?

I feel as if I’m in my own with this.


That's how I felt as well and after I came back from the hospital I was absolutely terrified and I had a heavy period and had been frightened and had rung out of hours and the stupid cow at out of hours said it was something I would have to grin and bear which wasn't very helpful and I know not to ring them again unless it really can't wait and wait until the surgery reopens as the staff at my surgery are great and can't do enough for you. I did get given the mini pill which has helped back in October after I was put on iron tablets for 3 months which have helped. One of my friends said how some surgeries are absolutely disgusting in how they treat their ill patients not writing out prescriptions until the patients have bits falling out of them when I said about the attitude of the silly bitch at out of hours. Point is they are there to help those that are ill not treat them badly!

Yes my practice nurse gave me the card and I found she was very nice and helpful. I was given a chest clinic appointment for a few months time last year after I had my blood clot and it had been supposed to be in the February but it got moved to April and it involved a breathing test and thankfully I was discharged from the clinic and back to my gp who in all fairness is very helpful and understanding as after this incident I had changed surgeries and my current surgery are great and can't do enough for you.

My advice is carry on living your life like you would have done if that hadn't happened.


I guess I assumed you had to go on anticoagulants after DVT so that blood stays thin while body is dissolving it - can only presume your clot was small and they didn't think you needed them? Here in Spain they are administered via the hospital not GP - but I go to local Health Centre for the "control"s. They send off the INR reading and the daily amounts I should take are emailed back (I'm on sintrom which is similar to warfarin).

Also have a 3 or 6 monthly review at hospital - ultrasound (ecogram) to see how clot's diminishing plus blood test and general chat about how things are going.

Why don't you ask GP why you've had no review appointment to check all OK?


Thank you . The clot is in fact large but doctors feel rivarosxaban is better than warfarin in terms of complications.

I got in contact with. Nurse at the thromobidus clinic after discussing with my gp who also though with me having high risk factors ( hereditary conditions) the clinic should have done more to advise.

I returned got an iron and sodium chloride IV at the hospital last week and questioned the nurse informing her I was left in limbo . I had s consultant ring me advising that I should have a CT scan before three months to reviews my situation.

My gp referred me to a private hospital under Nhs dodcialuding in gyaenocology next week as I’m now in my 5th week of bleeding and it’s not stopping


Oh so sorry to hear this - but at least you seem to be getting some action :)


One in every box of Apixiban I get on prescription. Sure Boots pharmacy will give you one.


One in every box of Apixiban.

Get your GP to fill out the card/paper.


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