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DVT again 26 yrs on... anti coags for life and back to work finding it hard


I had a DVT 26 yrs ago.. cause probably the pill injection hormones, fine treated back to fitness no probs. Now 56 and for no reason at all I get an even worse one acute in the groin. I couldnt walk.

On Xeralto for life they tell me now. Been on it 2 mths. Went back to work 4 wks after diagnosis, was in probationary period . They forced me out immediately. Got a temp job started 3 wks ago I am physically exhausted. only a wk between both jobs. Severe headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue. Especially this week.

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I've had 3 DVTs I'm on rivoxaban for life now.

First clot was off the pill, then pregnancy and birth the last one was from flying.

I've got factor 5 Leiden blood clotting abnormality.

I've had no problems with this medication. I was put on warfarin but couldn't stabilise on that x

Rabiul in reply to tracey13

If the warfarin is for life time,then is it compulsory to chck inr evry week,?

tracey13 in reply to Rabiul

I'm not on warfarin I'm on rivoxaban it's doesn't need monitoring you only need a yearly blood test to check your liver function test.

So sorry to hear the hell you're going thru - sounds like back to Dr for different blood thinner is an idea? I just consider myself lucky that no side effects on sintrom (equivalent of warfarin)

It might not be the drug but the cause of the DVT that is making you feel so ooorly

Good luck. Keep smiling.

Hi All I was sent hm from work the Friday after this post. Shivering uncontrollably, appetite reduced to nil, felt awful. Went to bed that Fri at 1400, slept and drank for a day and a half. Awful temperature it was below 35. Drank water and took paracetamol. Woke up Sunday morning at 530, shaking uncontrollably, couldnt even press buttons on phone for help. Hyperventilating too, couldnt breathe. I got rushed into hospital. Did tests Put on fluid drip and 3 diff. antibiotic drips mentanidozol, genticin and amox. for 5 days, then sent home on all 3 antibiotics for further 7 days. Lost my temp job again.

All they told me was I had infection in urinary tract, liver and gall bladder. the following was put on notes, cholocyseitis, and they said if it re-occurs they would do more in depth investigation.

I am now back in work another full time perm. role 3 wks so far and hoping nothing happens. I live alone and have to work.

I have never had truoble with liver or gall bladder in my life, there was also talk of removing gall bladder in near future.

KaySid in reply to Starsea

Praying for you and sending you hugs... Be strong.

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