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High Platelet Count

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Hi my mother is 77 she has spine compression cancer she takes 75mg Clopidogrel each day but is confused from her resent blood test and what causes the

platelet count to be so high while even on Clopidogrel her GP does not seem concerned more concernef by her lack of Zinc and supplementing it daily now.

Could anyone explain what this all means

and anything that can be done to help

lower the platelet count.

Thank you for any kind advice.

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I have a condition called Essential Thrombocythemia which causes high platelet count and increases risk of Thrombosis. As I have significant cerebral thrombosis I am on anti coagulant treatment. The treatment to lower platelet count is a drug called Hydroxycarbamide. This drug is a chemotherapy. I think treatment of high platelet count depends on the cause and whether it is due to a primary condition or secondary condition. My condition is primary... if the cause of the high platelets is a secondary condition e. g infection... then the secondary condition is treated... hope this helps... Good luck

Hi Gordonek,

thank you for sharing your advice and taking the time to reply to my concerns for my mother .As my mother is on antiplatelet treatment i try to understand why is the platelet

still high?I am not medically trained but have the assumption that is what Clopidogrel should do .... reduce the platelets ....

Good Luck to you wishing

you good health.

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