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Lupus Anticoagulantion positive

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Good day to everyone . I’ve been on warfarin now for a few months and have very unstable INR results my last reading is 3.9 My range is 3.5-4.5 so I’m at the right place for now. Im taking 19 mg - 20 mg alternate daily. I’ve just been told that I am / have Lups Anticoagulation positive , would somebody be able to explain this to me in basic terms and what it means to me.

Many thanks David

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Hi if you look at the sticky blood site on here or GHIC web site you should find lots of information on this

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davtay in reply to daisyd

Great thank you I’ll take a look.

Hi I had a blood clot in both my lungs last year. I’ve also found out I have “sticky blood “, too. I’m on Rivoroxaban for life now, 20 mg dosage. Only problems I have is recurring chest infections. The drugs seem to be working ok x

It was weird to see your post as I've got to go for the test next Wednesday! In the meantime I've had to come off sintrom (similar to warfarin) and inject heparin for the week leading up to it.

As explained to me (admittedly in spanish but I think I got it), the test is to see if lupus anitbodies are present in my blood and therefore maybe possible cause of my clot. I'm not sure how that works tho' as they are anticoagulant .... off to see what sticky blood forum has to say!

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davtay in reply to cheritorrox

Thanks for reply. And good luck on your tests hope all goes well 👍🏻

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