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Some advice please


Hi I had previous multiple bilateral p. E.s 2 years ago whilst I was pregnant and was given tinsaparin to take for six month spent months in hospital because I was really badly poorly with them then last week I had a ct scan which confirmed 2 small p.e.s in my right lung I got given some rivaroxaban and not seen any dr since my scan last Wednesday my gp dosnt have any advice for me on what happens next feeling a bit lost and scared

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My advice is to use this as an opportunity for some positive changes and also to live for today as life's too short.

Best of luck!

I should go back to your GP and ask what the hospital said - the hospitals always copy your GP in on your notes, and very often you get a copy, too (depends, I think, on your local NHS trust). In any event, if you are unhappy, don't let your GP fob you off, but go ON making appointments until you get some satisfactory answers.

Naniajes in reply to mrsredboots

Thank u I will get on to them tomorrow

Gosh what terrible care you have been given, yes as mrsredboots has said see your Gp and get some answers today. Please also look at the GHIC on the sticky blood site

I totally understand I was diagnosed with a pe after my c-section and have been on Apixaban ever since. I am so frightened to come off it. Can you remain on them of you choose?

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I asked to carry on with the anticoagulants and they sorted them no problem so no harm in asking.

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