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Will it happen again

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I had a small pe after pregnancy and a cesarean in 2017. Had all my screens with blood and no clotting medical condition had been found. I am still on Apixaban at the moment as I won't come off them due to my anxiety. Doctors have all said they think it's unlikely I will have another. Has anyone had one and never had another? I spend everyday worrying and it really affects my relationship with my baby as I am always anxious. I didn't have a dvt in my leg as was scanned. Just came from the pelvic area during pregnancy. I feel like I can't talk to anyone about this as the doctors just tell me its unlikely.

Has anyone been through this and has any advice. X

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Your PE has obviously caused you extreme anxiety, hence your reluctance to come off apixaban, and you are now looking for a straightforward answer in respect of your future risk, but unfortunately medicine is not that easy. There are steps you might be able to take to reduce any future risk, and your doctors will have discussed those that are relevant to you as an individual. Your doctors will also want to discuss the steps that they can take to minimise the risk during any future pregnancies.

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I asked to stay on anticoagulants after I had finished the initial 6 months after a pe and they said I could do another 3 months and then I am to see them for a review which is fair enough.

I was frightened of another episode so asked to stay on the tablets and I have also put in lots of effort in helping myself like moving more and losing weight and dealing with stress.

Best of luck!

I can relate to so much of your fears. I had a clot 13 years ago while pregnant with my second (and last, bc of the clot) child. I had a DVT---huge one from my groin to my knee and possibly higher--but being pregnant they could not know for sure. I too had no genetic factors. I was on lovenox back then for 9 months---3 during the pregnancy and 6 months following. I cried for weeks after they took me off lovenox. I was scared that I would clot and I was left home with a toddler and a baby with my fears. It was so hard--- I had panic attacks a lot and it hindered the time with my babies too. I understand and remember well. C-section surgery alone could cause a clot/PE. It's a trauma to undergo surgery, that could be your sole cause here.

So, for me, 13 years later--- and I get a clot (this past Feb)---same leg. I am lucky--I never had any issues all those years. You need to know that it can happen again--- but no one knows if or when. I am NOT a doctor.... but you need to follow up yearly with those specialist (something I did not do). You don't want to be on meds if it isn't necessary.... but you may have an option for a low dose blood thinner. Speak with your specialists to find out a plan that is safe and helps you cope. The first year is hell and worry. I wish you healing and peace! Eat healthy, hydrate yourself, and exercise. Hang in there... it does get better hunny. AND most importantly--- ENJOY THAT BEAUTIFUL BABY!! Don't let it hinder the joy you have there---- those baby days fly by---my sons are teenagers now---goes so quick--wow! HUGS!

Oh--- and please don't misunderstand my statement about that being my last pregnancy---that was by choice---- I could have had more children--- I chose to stop bc I had two healthy boys and felt complete. You can have more kids while safely anticoagulated during pregnancy.... just saying!

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