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One Year On


It was a year ago today that I was diagnosed with a chest infection and multiple small clots on both lungs. I'm still taking rivaroxaban daily, and still having to slightly pace myself as I can overdo it all too easily. However, I'm walking more now, and have started a weekly exercise class with the Silverfit movement (for the over-50s). I still get chest pains sometimes, most noticeably when we went on holiday in the Alps, to a place I've been many times before and never suffered. However, we flew to Greece and back recently and I only had one tiny pain - I'm told these may be due to a build-up of carbon dioxide, and yoga-style breathing can help, which it appears to.

I see the consultant again in September, and hope to be discharged then, or at any rate kept on "maintenance" visits.

Thank you all for your help and support over this past year - it's been invaluable! And, on this 70th anniversary, I'm very, very thankful for the NHS, who have been so marvellous. Not perfect, especially the administration, but nevertheless - would I even be here today without them?

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Congratulations that’s amazing you are recovering so well,wish you all the best

I was diagnosed with a massive PE at the very end of Jan this year and it really seemed like the end of the world was coming for me, so it is very comforting to read that your recovery has been so good. It really gives me hope. You have even managed to travel quite a way -something I am hoping to do next year.

Thank you for the tip about the yoga breathing. I live in the Dolomites and I do get chest pains sometimes, especially when it is snowing or raining, and I will try and see if the yoga breathing helps me.

May your excellent recovery continue!

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