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Interesting article on recovery following a blood clot

Have you seen this article? Has some interesting points:


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Thanks for sharing this link.... I really can relate (at least to the DVT recovery part). Very helpful!


I think it’s good to get out such articles as highlighting recovery - there is a future!!

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Very helpful advice there.


Well I can certainly relate to the time it takes to recover.Mine was almost 6 years ago,when I say mine,I mean the 13 clots I had in my lungs.I was in a foreign land where I didn't speak the language which meant it was a more anxious situation.

I was in intensive care for 8 days alone..Oh, yeh it knocked the hell out of me and I don't think I'll ever recover physically,6 years on and I cannot do nowhere near the physical things I was doing before the illness.

Mentally,well that depends on the individual.The article that you put on here to me,can do more harm than good.I think anyway.

While it's good to talk,lstening to someone pouring many a word out about how bad it's affected them can sometimes trigger the same thoughts in someone else,resulting in those people being depressed.

I certainly don't like what I now have,which is only part of me that existed before the illness,but I have to accept it,and get on with it.

But...what I will agree with is that on the odd occasion when I'm short of breath,''which happened not that long back,and I nearly collapsed and was rushed to hospital'',it did send my mind back to the time I had my PE's,and it was scary.

Was I drawing my last breath,yes,it did come flooding back.

Most of the time though I just try and go about my,shall we say different life now,and see where it takes me.

A good,wife,husband,partner,whatever you want to call them these days...helps.

Good luck with yours


I agree with your comments re article- every one's experience is different and many don't have the severe pain mentioned


good site on Healthunlocked for those receiving from PE and DVT.


Thanks - yes, what’s good to hear is everyone’s experience and what has helped each of us!


Thanks for sharing! My one year anniversary tomorrow - DVT and PE. Sums up my last year tbh. Some very good points, wish I’d read a lot of this during my recovery

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