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Kidney disease

Been having blood tests at doctors and on my recent visit was told that my kidneys were not what they should be.

Got a letter from latest blood test and figures showed [urea 9.8..creatinine 144 and eGFR 43,.

This it said would be called a mild stage of chronic kidney disease stage 3.

This it said could be linked to my hypertension.

I looked up what stage 3 symptoms were,and it certainly fits what has been occuring with of breath,fatigue and slight pain in the back.

Does anyone else have,or in this stage of this said that seeing a dietition to get on the right coarse for eating the right things which will help things.

Comments welcome


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Hi mestala, I also have CKD but unsure of the stage I only found out when my Doctor was retiring and I asked for a letter detailing all my medical problems (there are a few) I think it's due to my blood thinners.


Hi Mae

Blood tests should tell you at what stage CKD is,I've had 3 blood tests in about the last 6 weeks approx.The gp said they would keep an eye on the levels for my kidney/liver etc.Going to see gp in a couple of weeks to talk it over with him about what I can do to halt any deteriation of the kidneys.



I will have to ask my new GP when I see him, I'm due my next kidney/liver function test in June, good luck


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