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DVT and subdural haematoma

I have been involved in a serious cycle accident with a major head injury which left me unconscious for 2 weeks. I had been on rivoroxaban for af and previous DVT, but have had bilateral small DVTs and pulm embolus since this reccent injury and also a subdural haematoma.

Management is now a worry ; do I stop the anticoag and risk a pulm embolus or continue to anticoag and risk the subdural increasing in size or go for an IVC umbrella (which doesstop pulm emboli but has lots of other problems??

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What do your doctors say? This is a very serious question, and I don't think can or should be answered by a lay person. Talk to your consultants, and ask their advice - and be guided by them!


If you are concerned about anything write down your questions and insist on seeing your consultant or gp.


But that's a problem; for my situation the american society do nt recommend the proceedure, but both my consultant and the surgeon are keen although they have no convincing figures to support the decision. I suspect the surgeon likes to do the operation and get more experience of it! I finished up tossing a coin and agreeing to have it done. Time will tell if I benefit or if I have more problems


Good luck with it!


What a situation goldie , it a dreadful dilemma and has enforced my fear of biking again , which was something I loved to do especially in the mountains In Spain until 3 years ago when one of the team had a car hit him and caused dreadful head injuries.

I would weigh up the pro's and con's and go with your gut feeling and say a few prayers. As I will for you.


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