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Hi I was diagnosed of DVT ( left leg- from knee down as per ultrasound) last Monday after a laparoscopy salpingectomy last Friday where they had my left fallopian tube removed due to ectopic pregnancy.

I am currently on 7/10 injections of claxane-enoxaparne sodique. And will take oral thinner dabigatran after the 10th injection.

I am greatly terrified, i was advised to walk around and wiggle my feet when im lying in bed.

I am gonna see the hematologist on 13th Feb and am very anxious that I couldnt sleep well and always googleing on this fatal illness.

Pls help me, i want to survive and live long, im just 38 years old working lady with no children and just a working husband on a foreign counrty.

I am heartbroken.

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My poor one, that really is frightening and miserable for you, especially after such a horrid thing as an ectopic pregnancy.

I can't, of course, say categorically "You will be ok", because nobody can say that, but really, with modern drugs, etc, the chances are this will just be a blip; your doctors will always need to know about it in case you need surgery again in the future, so they can take preventive measures, and I expect they'll tell you not to try for a baby until you are well over this (although there are different drugs they can give you if and when that does happen).

Meanwhile, make a written list of things you want to ask the consultant when you see him/her, and specially ask about the long-term implications of it all.

Keep us posted!

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