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Just back in uk

I have just come back from living abroad.I had a pulmanory embolism whilst abroad.The treatment was 1st class and they saved my life.Whilst it took me a long time to recover,I've been on sintrom,equvlt to wafarin.

I've not had an inr test since mid November and I am trying to get one done here in Derbyshire...and finding it very difficult.

I did come over to the uk regular after my illness and just went to a walk in centre.Now I find that all this has changed,for the worse.

Over there when I wanted a test,I just walked into the hospital[private],had the test done and results were done in 15\20mins...cost £1.20....

I'm willing to buy a coagu machine here to save all the hassle but can I get the strips on prescription..

I am over 60



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The first thing to do is to register with a GP practice, if you haven't already done so. Then make an appointment to see a GP, and discuss this all with him or her. They will be able to refer you to a consultant, if that is appropriate, or arrange for your further treatment locally.

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Normally you would be managed through the warfarin clinic.

Self testing is sometimes used but the strips are expensive and only prescribed if agreement reached that it is necessary and normal blood testing is not approppriate. In addition you would need supervision of te results and testing frequency

The strips are about £4 each and the machine £2-300 I think

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Yes,I know the cost,I would be willing to buy the m\c if I could get the strips on prescription,that wouldn't be a great cost to the nhs...I also couldn't believe when I did enquire about a inr test that the said there is a place I can go,next mon\tues,but they do the old fashioned way from the vein,and do not test with a coagu m\c..

I've just come from an eastern block country and I could walk into the heart hospital without an appointment,get my blood taken and get the result 20minutes later...all for £1.20


I'm afraid the decision will rest with your CCG and they will not agree for strips unless you meet their criteria.

The cost works out at similar to clinic testing at around £12 per month

This is an example for Birmingham area


You can discuss it with your GP or at the anticoag clinic to find out what their protocol is


Can you explain what you mean..''The cost works out at similar to clinic testing at around £12 per month''..what works out similar?.

I was having a test once every 4\5 weeks,95% of the time I was in the 2-3 band...only occasionally was I above or below the limit,and that was because I had changed my diet when it came from winter to summer,and visa versa.


The cost of self testing compared with clinic testing

this study comes out with a higher figure but againis similar between home and clinic testing



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