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PE and after

I'm on rivaroxaban following a second bout of PEs. I have high blood pressure well controlled by lisinopril. The first PE in March 2017 was thrombolysed as it was massive. I was then on warfarin for 6 months and came off that in October. On 21st Dec I went to the doctor because I was breathless again. The D-dimer blood test was 3200-ish (I know the cutoff for D-dimer is 500, increasing with age - so was that very high?). He sent me to ambulatory care at the local hospital. CT scan showed lots of embolisms on both sides of the lungs, top, middle and bottom, so now I am on anti-clogs for life - which I don't mind as I prefer drugs over slow suffocation! What I am curious about is, what are these random sensations - like being poked from the inside - that I'm now feeling in chest and back and sometimes in my muscles? Could these be clots breaking up? They are not painful, just noticeable. Since the first PE was thrombolysed, I have no experience to compare.

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Hi, sorry to hear this,yes the pains your most probably feeling is the clot trying to disolve round your body, when my brother had 4 clots one in his brain he was getting uncontrollable shaking of the head, due to the clots ,breaking up,.

Iam on xaleto rivaroxaban for pe on lung from dvt in leg, I was first injecting clexane for 3 months been on xaltero for 7 weeks now apart from bleeding gums ,which I also had with cleane so far so good, hope all goes well in future for you, if not sure about anything just call back ambulatory care


thanks. Hope you get on all right. I injected Clexane back in March but only got the stinging and bruising, no other side effects. I'll be seeing our GPs again in January to get moved back from 30mg of rivaroxaban to 20mg daily.

And I found an answer to my own question about the D-dimer levels - journals.tubitak.gov.tr/med... if you're interested. My recent level wasn't in fact too bad (I should apparently have worried if it had gone over 5000).

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