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Changed from Apixiban to Edoxoban

Hi have posted before about DVT I had in December. The clot has still not gone completely and apparently in a lot of cases never does. I have what the hospital said strands of the clot still in my groin area. I went to see a haematologist a week ago and she said that this was quite common, but instead of coming off thinners as I had hoped would now be a lifer. She suggested changing from apixiban 5mg twice a day to a new one edoxoban 60mg once per day. I have got over the worry of the DVT and the fear of thinners and to be honest feel safer on them as I also have AF only occasionally, but thinners are the treatment of choice. Having googled, as you do, edoxoban, two things worried me - 1, it only came out in 2015 and 2, it say's not good for kidneys that work properly !!! Why would it be bad if your kidneys are good which mine are? I would prefer the once a day with breakfast as I have a habit of not taking the evening one the same time each day. Anyone else on this, your comments welcomed

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I would be just as cautious as you if you have been taking apixiban why change, sometimes they just try to get people on different new drugs to see how they work on people, its all about sometime the deals they have with pharmaceutical companies to push certain drugs, its like when they gave me trinzipan injection which were giving me side effects so I asked back for clexane as I had taken before only to be told that their both the same however when I investigated found out the hospital didn't stock it as they had a deal to just stock trinizipan only luckily my doctor got it prescribed for me from a pharmacist


Not sure about the type of drug, but if you need to take them twice daily at particular times(my anti epileptic meds as mine is a dvt on the brain). I set my phone alarm for a daily reminder.

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