Hi, I am a newbie here, so hello and thank you beforehand for all your help and advice. Its only been 7 weeks when I was diagnosed with three very large clots in my lungs that were sitting behind my heart. They were too big to thrombolysis' and yet the pressure on my heart could make me have a fatal heart attack. I am 46 and a single mother, and have never lost a day from work before this. I was in hospital for 2weeks then, left to my own devices really. I am on medication for life as there was no known reason for the clots, I have been to the GP twice who has recommended that I return to work this week, although no-one has checked me over, not even my blood pressure. I am also trying very hard to give up smoking. I fell about a week ago, flat on my face and although my recovery before that was going well, I feel that I have been having pain in different parts of my body - not sure if its paranoia, the effects of no smoking, anxiety or if their is something more. I do feel that when I left the hospital, as glad as I was, that I was left on my own - I didn't expect to be left feeling quite so alone after being given a fifty fifty chance of life a few weeks prior.

Thankyou for letting me let off some steam and maybe somebody has been through something similar so that I don't feel completely off my rocker!


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  • Have you not had a follow-up along with the local haematology department? Worth talking to your GP if not, as someone should be keeping an eye on you and seeing how well you are tolerating whatever medication you have been given. The more modern blood thinners don't need regular monitoring the way warfarin does, of course.

  • Thank you for your reply. I have got an appointment with haematology end of September, but that's it. x

  • Omg so sorry to hear how you have been treated, you need to go back to your gp, find out what had been written on your discharge letter you should be having follow up appointments ,withe a blood specialist, also a heart specialist and also chest, if not n, your gp, needs to refer you asap, you could be feeling anxious, not sure but as yoou have only come out of hospital I would go back to the ae department if happens again straight away it can take up to 6 months for clots to dissolve,it must be a terrible shock to you and scary I ve a clot on my left lung and was sent home same day, I was scared and very shocked ,no leaflet given , ive had to find out most online, do not go back to work until you feel comfortable enough also it should be a phased return ,ie 1 day 1 week next week 2 and so on, I ve just started back work this week after 3 weeks, wishing you all the best your living and alive enjoy bless .

  • Thank you for your reply. I have got an appointment with haematology end of September, but that's it. It would be nice that's all if someone would just say its ok, the clots are gone and the pain you're feeling is just your body, or something!!!!

    Saying nothing is worse.! x

  • re the clots... the only way they could tell if they're gone from the lungs is with a CTA scan. The legs and probably abdomen they could look at with ultrasounds

  • I know it is but try not let it stress youas it wont help, take it all one day at a time, end of September, not to bad a wait but your doctor can send you for blood test in the mean time if need be,the first few weeks are the worse I found , but its because the body get use to the blood thinners can make you feel tired and drowsy, take it easy , if youever need a little encouragement drop a line , I reply☺

  • Thank you. You are very kind

  • I am so sorry to hear about your experience! Whereabouts you? I am in Australia and seems that postemergency treatment is very much the same. Regardless of your situation they get out ASAP and leave you to your own devices. I also found the knowledge of many of the staff including the registrar quite limited about PE and post symptoms. Many of these symptoms are due to medication but as it is expected the stress on the body from the condition will also take its toll on your energy levels.

    I hope you find enough motivation and strength to quit smoking. That is the last think your lungs needs right now. As far as the pain you feel after the fall, I hope a Doctor can properly check it out. Sending you best wishes xx

  • Thankyou. I am in Wales, the other side of the World, but it would seem the same treatment is had everywhere! I am finding the stopping smoking quite hard, but am only smoking now 2- 5 a day, where I was smoking 20 a day. It would be nice to say that I had quit but I am getting there slowly. x