Varicose veins/damage causing clots

Hi folks,

I am sharing this in case it gives anyone else an idea.

I just paid for a private ultrasound/assessment of my veins with a Consultant ( £250). Having looked at my veins, it appears at some point a vein was blocked and it did a work around. This almost certainly happened when I had Phlebitis, 10 years ago. He is sure that both my episodes of P.E. will have come from my vein damage and that currently, there is further likelihood of clotting. It does make me wonder how long a clot can be sitting in your veins before it goes walkabout.

I had the opportunity to get this vein dealt with 5 years ago but then moved back to mainland UK where my GP's have not wanted to even consider doing anything about my veins, even after my first DVT. The Consultant said that I might have been spared the DVT/PE episodes had it been done :-(

There is hope however, as long as my deep veins aren't damaged that he can neutralise the offending vein with Laser and then I may be able to get off the blood thinners. My GP will be getting a letter shortly and I wonder if he will say that it could be done on the NHS?

Best wishes to all

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  • Hi their I have a pe on my left lung which they say is a provoked one as I broke my leg back in February in 2 places by knee fibia and tibia , I am still in recovery mode from broken leg, sice broken leg ive had a vein thats been protruding from my shin painful and burning ,hence the dvt and clot travelling to lung I guess I am pushing for my doctor to refer me to vascular for scan as I've had vein problem on the leg before it was broken ,however that vein was in different place all they keep saying is lets deal with pe at moment. But every time I go gonna keep asking off work for over 6 months so dont have money to pay private but will do if if have too thanks for info

  • Definitely keep pushing for vascular input. After my first DVT I did manage to get my last GP to refer me based on the fact that I had seen a consultant previously and they had felt that some intervention was necessary. He made such an issue of it I really thought that he was thinking that they wouldn't do anything for me and it would be a waste of time ( I am very over-weight). So I delayed and then I moved areas so I didn't book myself in for an appointment. Whether I would have been seen before my next clot arrived is questionable.

    They don't 'do' varicose veins on the NHS anymore because it was deemed that varicose veins are are generally a cosmetic issue. Obviously though there are scenarios where that is not the case and I'm sure they still do lots of vascular repairs. I think that the system is so overstretched its all about prioritising. Sometimes you have to really stand up for yourself to get any help.

    Good luck with it all.

  • Thanks, I had a problem with a vein about 7 years ago when I was refer to vascular because I had a small soft lump on my leg, I was told the blood was not circulating good their they were going to operate however on day of op saw consultant who said it was best left alone as was not serious, I will push for the referral when see doctor Monday ,ive just m ange to get my injections changed to clexane as I believe the tinzaparin been giving me side effects with my pe, thanks again hope all is well with you

  • I had one of those small soft lumps since I was a teenager, damaged my vein by wearing boots that were too tight I think. Putting pressure on that area 25 years later, with another pair of boots that were too tight caused my phlebitis. 10 years on and I've had 2 PE's.

    Just read some of your other posts, what a mess. Best wishes for your recovery.

  • Thanks ,iam doing ok, just thankful to wake up everyday and breath, started swimming do one day nextsa fay I walk and back on bike now, , gonna start a phased return too work next week, for 1 day, then off till 11 September, but only for 3 2 day weeks, then 3 days then a review, see how it goes ☺

  • It depends what your consultant writes, but varicose veins are not now funded on the NHS unless there are significant skin changes/ ulcertation

  • Hi Goldie, yes, I know they may not help but if it means removing the risk of further clots then maybe. Anyway, if they won't I will go ahead and pay myself. Thanks.

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