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Hi from Idaho

I'm 63 and am having my 3rd dvt, 2 in left leg 1 in the right.

My present Drs didnt recommend the stockings, be sure and read all that you can about your dvt/pe, in case this happens to you.

I have now developed stasis dermatitis, I didn't put any lotion or aloe vera on and now am paying the price. I had my first two clots in my '40s and early 50s and didnt have this. Us old guys are more at risk, NOW I know.

Luck and recovery! Appreciate each moment of this life.

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Hi, thanks for your reply ism 55 and thankfully. I do know about compression stocking and have been wearing them, yes its very important to lotion the skin as the veins can make you itch, I am just trying to take one day at a time I am thankful for forums like this and the internet, otherwise I totally be in the dark as the hospital dint give me no info at all, hope you get well soon bless

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