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How long does it typically take for the exhaustion to go away? I was diagnosed 3 weeks ago today with multiple bilateral PEs (not life-threatening, thankfully), but just washing up breakfast, making the bed and visiting the supermarket meant I had to nap all afternoon. I look after my grandsons tomorrow, and this involves a great deal of walking, collecting them from nursery and their holiday club activity, and, to be honest, I'm dreading the exhaustion - I can scarcely nap when I am in charge, after all! Mind you, my mother, aged nearly 90, has just had a cataract operation and she said I did better than she did - she only managed to have breakfast before retiring to bed for the rest of the morning! We were laughing at each other.... but all the same, it is very boring.

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Unfortunately 3 weeks is not very long. This is a serious condition and you may need 3months or more.

Listen to your body and grab the naps when you need to. - forget the housework.

Good luck ☺



It can take a while. Im 3 months post PE and although the tiredness is improvg, im still nowhere near my pre PE level. Ive been told it can take 1-2 years. Good luck x


Yes so agreed. I'm also 3 months post PE and I'm still trying to cope. I'm so difficult to focus at work, not sure it's due to the medication or it's because I'm still in the anxiety state.. I wish I can quickly go back to the preclot stamina but it's gonna takes a while


Hi again

Im not yet back to work but agree re concentration - feel that brain has gone to mush lol


Thankfully, I'm retired, so don't have to worry about work.

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My non-medical response, after having a DVT and PE, is that any tiredness I had resulted from the PE until the PE was cleared. In my case I had no exhaustion but rather being out of breath. I am not aware of any correlation with a PE and general exhaustion and needing to nap or sleep.


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