Got diagnosed with a dvt in right calve after getting unbearable cramps in the mornings!! Been on xeralto for a month now!! So far so good!! Just have to wear compression stockings everyday!! Blood tests all came back normal whatever that means!! They said it was most likely the contraceptive pill that caused it!! So off the pill now!! Have had one heavy period, other than that no side effects!! Even lost weight due to less appetite!! Having another blood test and scan in August!! But still have pain in leg!! Michelle

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  • I would ask your Doctor for advice a Doppler test can show them if there is still a problem, if it were me I wouldn't wait until August. Take a look at the sticky blood site, maybe of some help

  • Hi daisyd!!

    I had a scan in May so the doctor said he prefers to wait for the 3 months to be up to have my next scan, which will be in August!!

  • Hello, from what I have learned the hormones in birth control pills and most i.u.d.'s provoke many clots. Blood tests probably were to see see if you have a genetic predisposition to clot. I still have pain in my leg after my last clot one year ago, it is normal. The valves are one way an when stretch they tend to let blood pool. I have found relief with Kinesio Gold it is a spcial tape that aids in the circulation and pain relief with no drugs. You can find it at medical supply or on the internet. Kinesiology is drug free treatment. best of luck.https://www.amazon.co.uk/KINESIO-TAPE-TEX-GOLD-15024-BEIGE/dp/B002QA8UU4

  • Thanks ladyluck53 I will look into it!! Are you still on xeralto??

  • Yes I am on Xarelto. I really find the kinesio gold tape the best for my post thrombotic pain and swelling.

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