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Mechanical Valve Replacement

Hi I'm 48 years old and 7 weeks ago had a mechanical valve fitted. I didn't even realise I had a heart problem but thankfully after my GP picked it up middle of last year and numerous tests I saw my specialist in November and was advised to have the mechanical valve fitted.

The specialist did not explain the noise the valve makes, my son thinks it's funny I 'tick!' I am wondering would going thru airport security be a problem would I set of the alarm?

After undergoing the surgery a week later I ended up with a small hole left and ended up on antibiotics, the consultant decided to open my wound up with a small cut but after a further week of antibiotics it did not heal, the cut showed a stitch from my operation that had not dissolved, this was removed, so they made a bigger incision and fitted me with a vac therapy (I called it my cappuccino machine due to the noise it made!) I had that for 2 weeks with a further 2 weeks of antibiotics! The vac was removed and ended up having a local anaesthetic and stitches to repair the hole.. 1 stitch did nothing so this was removed and having the 2nd one taken out tomorrow, unfortunately going thru all this my INR was all over the place so after having the nurses visit me every day to change my dressings and inject fragmin (now covered in bruises and lumps from this!) I feel exhausted.

Can anyone recommend things to eat that will help me?

The other question I have (sorry to go on!) is the pain I experience even now in my kidneys. I was told this was due to nerve damage? Has anyone else had experience of this?

Look forward to hearing from you all.


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Hi, I had mitral valve replaced with st.Jude in 2006 ( i was 34)..the first year I slept eith earpiece lisening to music, so i couldn't listening to the click .now its a normal sound for me.It do not set the alarm at the airopprt security..

Im using coagu check for my INR and Im selfdosage myself..its scary but we should be happy that we are alive..

I avoid spinach, broccoli, camomile, green tea, and many other veggies and can find in internet a big list with foods whith hight vitamin K.

Dont worry you will get adjusted to the bew way of living and it will be normal to be "different "from the other people😆😆..

Enjoy your second life😆😆😆

Feel better


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I had an mechanical Aortic valve fitted in 2008 and although the Surgeon went through the required list of things that may occur he didn't mention the ticking. However I soon got used to it.

As far as diet goes the answer is consistentancy. I eat a lot of green vegetables and drink in moderation. I was advised that I should not binge. e.g. 1 glass of wine a day rather than a bottle on saturday night the same with eating.

I also bought myself a Coaguchek device and self monitor with the support of my anticoagulation clinic at the GP surgery. This has proved to be invalluable and allowed me to continue travelling for both work and pleasure. (the issue here is that it is much more difficult to get the same amount of greens when eating in hotels and restaurants.)

I am now retired and am still active I ski and have also qualified as a scuba diver since having the mechanical valve.

Hope this helps.



Hi ,I've had a aortic mechanical heart valve since 2007. It ticks sounding a bit tinny when my bloods thin and thuddy when my bloods thick. I was told to avoid cranberry and broccoli as it reacts with my warfarin. I don't set airport alarms off only the occasional supermarket one lol . You should be fine . I self test using a coagucheck xs and manage very well .