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Keytruda experiences

I will be starting a two year course of Keytruda on 31 March to combat non small cell lung cancer ( which now resides in the aorta pulmonary lymph node. First diagnosed with stage 3A lung cancer in June 2013, life expectancy not good. However chemotherapy was such a success that by the following March the tumour had shrunk from 10 cm to less than 2 after removal of half a lung I was told I was cancer free. Unfortunately 6 months later this was proved not to be the case when CT scan revealed cancer in the other lung. So it was back on to chemo in March 2015 by July it was cleared but found in the lymph node. By September 2016 it had started to slowly increase in size it has been regularly monitored since then.

Is there anyone out there that has been or is currently receiving this treatment, like to know what to expect? Thank you.

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Hi sorry to hear you have been so unwell, I think you might get more answers if you look at other sites on healthunlocked as this one is about blood thinners

If you go to the top of the page and go on my communities will will fined more

Hope you get the people who will understand what you are going through


A good site is

It covers everything, sending you good wishes.


Many thanks, I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon to discuss possible side effects and what action I will need to take. Will check


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