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I had a replacement aortic valve 17 years ago and take warfarin and statins daily. Have low vitamin D and IBS - problems with wheat and dairy. Have now got plantar fasciitis and last week had a root canal tooth redrilled leaving me in agony - swollen jaw, extreme pain up to my ear and down my neck. Am having two lots of antibiotics and co-codamol. It would be good if I could take an anti inflammatory as having ibuprofen really really helped (took 2 when in agony). Am worried about the effect the drugs are having on my INR. Does anyone know what I could take instead of ibuprofen?

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  • You should not take ibuprofen when on Warafin as it will affect your INR, if it were me I would speak to a pharmacist or your Doctor, if you are concerned about your INR you could ask for an earlier test

    Hope you feel better soon

  • normal co- codamol contains 8 mg of codine ,proscription co-codamol contains 28 mg of codine,see your doc

    ps I had a aortic valve replacement 43 years ago,it is the only pain killer you can take

  • Thank you very much. It's good to know. I will ask for a prescription.

  • my doctor has put me on paracetamol and tramadol as l can't have ibuprofen and codeine

  • What about acetaminophen/Tylenol extra strength?

  • Thanks for replying. Does Tylenol have another name because I am from the UK and have heard / read about it but never known what it was?

  • Acetaminophen is all I know of, sorry

  • Paracetamol, APAP I found on computer.

  • I have been taking co-codamol which is codiene and paracetamol but you can only take it for 3 days it says because the codeine is addictive and the paracetamol is bad for your liver. It isn't anti inflammatory though.

  • Hmmm, call your care provider and tell them of your discomfort and ask them to do something else for it. Best of luck! I never heard of co-codamol!

  • Thanks. Good suggestion. Will do tomorrow.

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